My life is black-white,

but very, very coloured!

" Gael of Helenenhof ", my first Border Collie changed my life completely. I’ve never been a couch-potato but the following incidence was worldshaking for my future.  With and from  "  Gael  "  I’ve learnt what it means to herd sheep, to read them and the wonderful cooperation between man and dog. When she moved in – here my special thanks must go to her breeder  -  Ulla and Werner Kupka -  I neither had sheep nor geese. I was a complete greenhorn. I got it very straight what I did to me with this breed. I was willing to do everything in my power to give a Border Collie a happy life. I had the possibility to keep geese and about one year later  "  Gael  "  got her first sheep.

Champion " Kliff " aus dem Hause Kriese

By chance I got to know  "  Kliff  "  when I were training with  "  Gael  "  at Ulrich Kriese’s place. Actually I didn’t want a second dog at that time let alone a male dog. But then I fell in love with this little black-white bundle. Finally he moved in with us and gave my life another aspect of keeping Border Collies: the Border Collie at breed-shows.




Within his first three shows  "  Kliff  "  received 3 Excellent first place, best male and BOB, was therefore a

"  German Youthchampion  "

with 10 month of age and a matchless breed-show-career begun. In his life he won all title continental Europe has available and was an

"  International Champion  "

aged 3,5.




When  "  Gael  "  turned 1 year old she got 5 geese to work at home. For the World Winner Show at Dortmund in 1991 the VDH asked me to give a herding demo for the opening ceremony with  "  Gael  "  and the geese. I agreed and that was our first big performance in front of a sold-out Westfalenhalle. Standing ovations for  "  Gael  "  after her demo, she worked fantastic!




Westfalenhalle Dortmund World Winner Show 1991

My delight was huge that everything worked like a charm. At that time I promised her:

as long as you can do the demo, it’s yours.


At that time I didn’t know that she would be fit as a fiddle 12 years later.


In 2002 she still performed her herding demo filled with joy and enthused the audience.


Promised is promised, even to a dog or especially for this reason.



"  Gael`s  " last demo at Dortmund

Rolled out red carpet at Dortmund after  "  Gael’s  "  last herding demo. With tears in my eyes I thanked my grand old lady for all the years of authentic work in the ring of honour.

She was a huge character.




Kliff  "  and  "  Gael  ", my first Border Collies, are unfortunatly not alife anymore. But they have very much influenced my career as successful breeder. Under the affix  "  Agility Joy  "  I aim to breed beautiful workers. Health and temperament are on first place and the herdingabilities plus the work enthusiasm mustn’t get lost else we get another medium high, rough coated breed.


Dogs from our kennel live throughout Europe and also in Japan. They are very successful Border Collies as herding dogs, in agility and obedience, as SAR dogs, therapy and conformationshow dogs.


All my brood bitches and stud dogs are enthusiastic workers and show champions.



Brains and Beauty  - it’s possible ! 


Kliff aus dem Hause Kriese


Head over Heels Agility Joy


Agility Joy Classic Touch


Agility Joy Hallowèen


Agility Joy Mc. Donald


Agility Joy Naomi Campbell


Agility Joy Pepsi Cola


Rancolie Forever Lucky



Wizaland Ebony Velvet


German Youthchampion

Luxemburger Youthchampion

Agility Joy U.K. Levis Red Point

German Youthchampion

Luxemburger Youthchampion

Tefryn Christel`s Gem




December 2001  Champion  "  Kliff aus dem Hause Kriese  "

Winner Amsterdam - Veteransparade





My most successful show bitch is a granddaughter of  "  Kliff  ". 

"  Agility Joy Classic Touch  " at a breed show and at work,

besides many other titles she was two years in a row best show dog in the FCI-Group 1 (Pedigree top breeder ranking). FCI Group 1 covers 42 herding and driving breeds. That was an unbelievable success for my girl.



In 1999  "  Lucky  "; got the second place and in 2000  "  Hallowèen  "; had this honour.



Agility Joy Mc Donald  ", a  "  Lucky  "   son, gained 2002, aged 2 years, the first place in the  "  Pedigree Champ Trophy  ".

He is the third trophywinner from my kennel.





In 1995 I moved with my dogs on a farm in the Emsland region, a paradise for all of us, but especially for the Border Collies. 30 sheep, 20 geese, ducks, chicken, cats and a horse are living with us on this 4,5 hectare big area.




dog and cat  -  harmony!

Sometimes I’m homesick for the  "  Kohlenpott  "  but when I see the happiness of my dogs, it’s soon gone.


All dogs live in the house with us. The puppies are reared in the house and experience everything they need in their period of imprinting, they are well socialized and get therefore the best start to their lifes.






My offspring bitch


" Agility Joy Naomi Campbell "

a granddaughter of  "  Gael  "  lives up to her name. 

  • Bundesyouthwinner, with 9 months
  • Youthwinner Amsterdam
  • Ruhrgebietsyouthwinner
  • Youthwinner Bayern
  • Youthwinner Berlin
  • Europe Youthwinner
  • German Youthchampion
  • German Champion (VDH)
  • German Champion (Club)

I`m very happy about these great successes of my  "  floret  ".





Since the beginning of 2005 our cute english girl lives with us.

" Tefryn Christel`s Gem "

We want to express our gratitude to Pam and Jack Etheredge ( Tefryn ) for this lovely girl that excels not only with beauty and is an excellent mover but has also got an outstanding temperament. She has got a very special place in our hearts (and on the couch of course!). We want to thank Pam and Jack for the confidence they put on us and we will do our best that this dog will have a fulfilled life and also a remarkable show career.


Until today she exceeded al my expectations.

She is exactly the dog what I wish for my breeding.   


A life for Border Collies,


my life for Border Collies!


                                              Gersten im December 2005

                                              Christel Killer

For our puppies we wish us active and Border Collie suitable people.


Also after the contribution of our puppies we remain the contact person for you.

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